Fixed Odds Betting Terminals Restrictions
7th May 2018
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 Pressure groups have been nagging the govfrnment to do something about the social blight of Fixed Odds Betting Terminals for several years.  The system that allowed people to bet £100 every twenty seconds was destroying lives.They announced that they were going to do something in 2014, and invited comment from the betting industry.

 This week the government announced that the maximum stake that someone can bet is to be reduced from £100 to £2, in order to reduce the risk of gambling related harm. Public Health England will also now carry out a review of the evidence around the public health harms of gambling.

 Sports Minister Tracey Crouch comments that problem gambling can devastate individuals lives, famillies and communities and seeks to protect the most vulnerable in society.

 Although this is commendable, it provides no solutions.

 Effective Hypnosis helps dozens of gamblers to quit every year.

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