Max Pemberton on Alcoholism
25th March 2018
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 This week the media has lamented celebrity Ant McPartlin's enforced return to rehab. Dr Max Pemberon has reminded Daily Mail readers of his view that alcoholism is not a disease - but rather a choice. He feels that the so-called disease model of alcoholism helps no one. He quotes an article in medical journal Lancet Psychiatry in 2015 that states that research does not support the disease view.

"Alcoholic addiction represents an inappropriate coping strategy for intense emotional pain and psychological distress - calling alcoholism a disease removes personal responsibility" He says, adding that if people do not take responsibilty they are unlikely to change.

 Of course, no amount of rehabs, pills, or therapy will be effective in treating addiction unless the addict makes the choice to change.

 Hypnotherapy provides an excellent tool for therapeutic change.

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