Lose weight with gastric band hypnosis
24th August 2010
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Do we all eat too much these days and not get enough exercise? It is frightening how many obese and fat people there are in Britain today and once the weight goes on we all know how difficult it is to shift.

There are many options open to weight watchers today from weekly classes at weight watchers or an online version for those who prefer to do it quietly to a range of pills which can often either make you hyperactive or obsessive about never being to far from an available bathroom!!!!!  And for the truly motivated a personal trainer where you will sweat out those extra pounds and where with real pain there is real gain or in this case real loss of pounds and wobbly stomachs.

We have all heard great stories of gastric bands which are available to some on the NHS and to others privately.  It does seem rather drastic having a significant operation with all of the risks and pain to loose weight especially when you are most likely to be a higher risk category due to being significantly overweight.  However for some it is the most obvious option when many other methods have failed and one's weight is becoming a major health issue.

In the last few years a number of experienced hypnotherapists have been offering an alternative to the gastric band operation.  Instead they hypnothise their patient into believing they have had one fitted.  This has worked incredibly well for a number of people and has been well documented in the daily newspapers.  Gastric band hypnosis has a  number of major advantages over surgery.

  • It carries a lower level of risk to the patient than an operation
  • It is painless
  • It costs a lot less than a private operation
  • It is available to a wider range of people than the clinically obese

Matthew Hall from Effective Hypnosis is now offering this hypnosis in Ealing. In a small number of sessions he can really help you to lose weight and transform your attitude to food and cravings.  This works for both men and women so if you want to fit into that black dress for Christmas or loose those wobbly pounds give Matthew a call on 01895 810772 but first have a look at his testimonials on the Best of Ealing and hear what his clients say about him and what he has done for them.

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