Local insurance expert gives advice to those making claims following the riots in Ealing
18th August 2011
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As Ealing gets back to normal after the riots of last week, many businesses and homeowners will be dealing with insurance claims some of them rather complex.

Local insurance claim management expert Abi Rotimi of Aspray London West says that most business owners should be insured and are best served by dealing directly with their insurance company regarding the damage and especially to claim for Business Interruption i.e. loss of trade as a consequence of the riot.

For complicated insurance claims for individuals and homeowners requiring property refurbishment, Aspray can help deal with the whole matter from claim through to project managing the whole process with tradesmen to put things right. They are very experienced and often get claims approved more quickly and to a greater extent because of their good relationship with the insurance companies.

Uninsured companies and individuals may claim under the Riot (Damages) Act 1886 but need to make claims to the relevant police compensation authority within 14 clear days after the day when the property was injured destroyed or damaged.  A claim for compensation must be made in writing using a prescribed form which is found at the end of the 1921 Regulations to the Act and delivered to the chief executive of the compensation authority concerned.

The sums claimed (actual or estimated costs of repair etc) must be stated under the following different heads:

(A) destruction of premises (B) injury to premises (including injury to window fittings, or fixtures thereof) (C) injury to other property in or on the premises (D) theft or destruction of other property in or on the premises distinguishing, as regards (C) and (D), property belonging to the claimant from property belonging to others in his care.

Supporting documents and evidence (including bills / estimates for repairs, and vouchers if possible showing sums paid for the property) must be produced, strictly in accordance with the Regulations.

Additionally, Abi Rotimi is keen to point out that in terms of fire damage home owners need to be aware of the possibility of secondary damage due to smoke which can be quite widespread and not limited to the particular room(s) directly affected by fire. This means that next door neighbours might suffer smoke damage for which you would be liable.

If any of the issues in this article relate to you or your business and you would like some assistance, call Abi now on 07946 552177.

As Abi mentioned to me recently this is also a useful time for all businesses to review their emergency and backup processes. Is your data really safe? Would you be able to operate your business from alternative offices etc. For all IT queries contact local experts DoSo for advice.

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