Local electrician to the rescue!
15th June 2011
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Local firm of electricians J&J Richardson is our local hero this week after they came to the rescue of an Ealing resident recently when their electrical fuse box was melting and emitting smoke.

John Richardson received an emergency call out after the distressed local found his number on The Best of Ealing website (he can track where his business is coming from through a dedicated number with a whisper on the line).

"It started with a faint smell of burning that we couldn't locate then we opened that cupboard and there was smoke...."

This problem rang a chord with me as we had a similar experience about a year after we moved into our house with a small baby.

So if you haven't checked your fuse box  - especially if you have just moved into a new home - call an electrician today rather than having to call the fire brigade tomorrow. Electrical faults are a common cause of household fires so minimize the risk for your property by having the fuse box checked and replaced if necessary.



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