It Might be the Bathroom's Fault
30th August 2010
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So you have your property on the market, either for sale or for rent.  You've had plenty of viewings but no one has made an offer.  Your estate agent (any good one) should be giving you feedback on the viewings, telling you what the home searchers have thought about your property and most importantly what has stopped them from offering.  If the feedback reveals that the state of the property's bathroom is to blame, what do you to improve the bathroom without blowing the bank?

1.  De-clutter
De-cluttering your entire home before putting it on the market is always a good idea, but pay special attention to the bathroom if that room is the source of negative feedback from those people who've viewed it.  It is easy for bathroom clutter to proliferate with toothpaste and hair products cluttering every surface.  Make sure to hide cleaning products, everyday toiletries, medicines and kids toys.  If you have particularly beautifully packaged toiletries make them the focus instead.

2.  Get out the rubber gloves
Make sure your bathroom is squeaky clean.  The sink and bath should be scrubbed daily when you are showing your home.  Don't neglect to clean the pedestals of sinks and lavatories.  Use caustic soda and limescale removing products to clean lavatories. Ensure the shower curtain is clean as well as drapes and blinds.  Invest in some high quality towels that look great on display and keep those clean too.

3.  Whiten Grouting
If you have mouldy or dirty grout it can really have a strong negative impact on a person viewing your home.  Remove old grout and replace it using a DIY kit available at DIY shops.  Try bleaching old tiles to revive them.  If the old tiles simply can't be made to look new, consider re-tiling.  In small spaces, large tiles visually enlarge the room - think about the large tiles often used in hotel bathrooms.

4.  Update your suite
If you have been lumbered with an olive green or pink bathroom suite you may have to bite the bullet and replace the suite.  Most home searchers are looking for a plain white suite.  You might also consider updating the taps and fixtures or making the suite look more fashionable with towels to dress the room.

5.  Replace the flooring
If you have carpet in your bathroom, you may want to replace it.  Many people feel that carpeting in a bathroom is inappropriate and it may have a negative impact on them.  Even a cheap vinyl floor would be better than carpeting.  If your flooring is outdated, stained or damaged, don't try and cover it with a floor mat as many people may lift it to see what is under it.

If you need advice about what your property needs to come up to scratch or are considering marketing your property for sale or rent call us on 0208 840 6666.  Or request a valuation online by clicking here.

If your bathroom needs more than a good de-clutter or clean and you need a reliable trades-person to re-tile or replace your bathroom suite, our property management team can recommend one of our preferred contractors.  Call 020 8799 4366 for our best contacts.


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