Is Sex Addiction Real?
30th September 2019
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 Dr Max Pemberton, the Daily Mail's Mind Doctor, claims that sex addiction isn't really a disease but rather an excuse to behave badly.

 He cites published recent research from Sweden's Karolinska Institute - that suggests those suffering from sex addiction have elevated levels of the hormone Oxytocin -  which promotes bonding and affection - and, the Institute claims, they are compelled to seek out sex and 'cannot control themselves'.

 He bemoans the fact that so many celebrities and public figures have used sex addiction as an excuse for their behaviours, and, after a spell in rehab, have announced that they are cured. He also suggests that others, with high levels of oxytocin - such as women in chidbirth - do not behave in this manner. He also says that many of his psychiatrist friends are more than willing to make a sex addiction diagnosis to those who will pay for one.

 And, whilst it is true that Sexual Addiction has only been in existance since it was first coined by the American Psychiatric Association in 1987,  and was only recognised as a disease by the World Health Organisation last year, many see it as So-Called Sexual Addiction.

 So-Called Sexual Addiction is mostly sexual obsession - that leads to people pursuing sex at every opportunity - taking great risks to health, career and relationships. As a compulsive disorder, once fulfilled, it releases chemicals in the brain that make sufferers feel good -  perhaps soothing an old emotional wound - they then become addicted to the feel good chemicals, and use them to hide away from pain. 

 Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool for tackling So-Called Sexual addiction, and the  emotions that lead to it. Matthew Hall has been working with Clinical Hypnosis for twenty years and has recently studied for a Diploma in Psychosexual Dysfunction. He welcomes referrals.

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