Is Fat Shaming The Best Way To Combat Obesity?
19th February 2017
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 Weight Loss Guru Steve Miller - presenter on Sky 1's 'Fat Families'- has been featured in several newspapers urging fat shaming. He is campaigning for obese NHS workers to wear 'I'm Fat' badges, to inspire both themselves and patients to lose weight.

 Steve does say that he wants to encourage people to live a long and healthy life, rather than run the risk of building dangerous problems, such as; - type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, cancer and strokes.

 Whilst tremendous results have been achieved through taking an authoritarian approach - there are  better ways of boosting people's chances of losing weight than by insulting them. Steve Miller can be incrediby useful to his customers, with follow up tips on Facebook - but not when they are being informed about his love life.

 Effective Hypnosis takes the view that people are individuals and will create a bespoke service for them, rather than make prescriptive and generalising statements about everyone - please see our page for details. 

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