Irishman Loses Six Stones In Weight With Hypnotherapy
11th June 2016
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 The Irish Mirror reports that Keith Devlin lost six stones in weight with hypnotherapy. He had found that his weight ballooned following several years of eating on the go and having chocolate at bus stops.

 "It didn't matter if it was bad food or healthy food. I just over-ate all the time and I had real problems with portion size."

When it got to 20 stones 4lbs he decided that he had to do something about it.But not wanting to go to a group or try a weight loss plan he decided on hypnosis. He booked three sessions with a hypnotherapist covering educating his mind about food psychology, encouraging him to exercise and the installation of a hypnotic gastric band.

 The results were amazing. In just three months he had lost three stones in weight - at seven months he had lost six stones - ending up at 14 stones 4lbs.His trouser size had zoomed from a 44 inch waist to a 34 inch one.

 This is fantastic news for hypnotherapists, and anyone who wants to restrict their gorging and lose weight.

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