International Weight Loss Hypnosis Awareness Week
7th June 2016
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International Weight Loss Hypnosis Awareness Week

 Yesterday, Steve Miller, of TV and Media fame, and Weight Loss Master, announced that it was International Weight Loss Hypnosis Awareness Week. Great news for hypnotherapists everywhere.

Effective Hypnosis has benefited from his training.

 What we do feel that he shouild be promoting is how hypnotherapy can help people to cut down on added sugar. We have programs designed to make a sweet tooth disappear, and control a sugar craving. But many people either do not realise,or perhaps don't have time to notice, that watching the sugarin what you eat can help you control your weight and avoid serious chronic health problems.

 Comments from those that have come to see us include -

"I have tried diet precription pills, over the counter plans Weight Watchers, Nutrisystem all kinds, but Matthew's hypnosis helped me to lose weight constantly, and keep it off",

"I'm making good choices, eating smaller portions, never feeling deprived, and giving away over sized clothing"

"I don't want the bad things I used to eat, I'm feelig fuller on less and looking slim".

 Please see our page on this site and the comments from satisfied customers in testimonials.

Matthew Hall, Master in Clinical Hypnosis

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