If At First You Don't Succeed - Quitting Smoking
25th June 2016
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Researchers at the school of public health at the University of Toronto published in BMJ Open about the number of attempts a smoker would take to stop smoking.

 They noted that a local pharmaeutial company suggested 5- 7 attempts, the American Cancer Sociaty suggests 8 - 10 attempts, and the Australian Cancer Council sugests 12- 14 attempts.

They surveyed 1277 people over three years, interviewing them every 6 months and found that the average number of attempts ranged between 6 and 30.

 The message they wanted to give was - even if youhave heard how difficult it is to stop -don't quit quitting.

 A hypnotherapist would hang their head in shame if they had to present these awful statistics.  with hypnotherapy to stop smoking you get a bespoke service. you will be asked about your psychological addiction - what started you in the first place? What did you get out of it? What drew you to the crowd you smoked with then? What draws you to the crowd you smoke with now? Are there any triggers? Are there any things you habitually do with smoking? Are there larger issues suchas workplace pressure, stress, or anxiety? It is precisely beause hypnotherapy will deal with these things individually thathe success rate is so much higher than a pill.

Matthew Hall, Master in Clinical Hypnosis


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