Hypnotic Weight Loss
16th April 2015
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Hypnotic weight Loss 

The Daily Mail runs an article on 15.4.15 telling of how Andrea Lindsey lost four stones in weight through listening to a hypnotic mobile app for six months.

 She is said to have tried everything before - cutting down on foods and following fad diets - but had never before been able to keep things up for more than a few weeks. But now her mindset has been changed and she has gone from dress size 18 to size 10 -12.

 Our congratulations go to her. If only it would work for everyone. But apps have to be general and not specific to an individual.

 This got us wondering, at Effective Hypnosis. Most people have their mobile phones with them most of the day. Some customers say that they just don't have time to listen to the bespoke cds that we send them. What if we send out both cds and MP3s of the sessions. Would this raise our statistic even higher?

 Do have a look at the testimonials  to Effective Hypnosis on this site and www.effectivehypnosis.co.uk

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