Hypnotherapy Or Nicotine Replacement Therapy For Smoking Cessation?
15th September 2019
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 The media is currently running stories about the dangers of e cigarettes, and the advice of the American Health Boards to ban them. But, in the interests of fairness, stories have also been featured reminding us that NRT helps people with Smoking Cessation.

 In 2014, the journal, Complementary Therapies In Medicine, published the results of a Randomised Controlled Trial that sought to encourage those admitted to hospital with smoking related illness to quit. They treated one third with NRT, one third with 90 minutes of hypnotherapy, and left one third to try to give up with no treatment. After six months, those who were still not smoking in the hypnotherapy group outnumbered the non smokers in the NRT group by three to one.

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