Hypnotherapy in the news - Chocolate addiction
6th February 2015
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Hypnotherapy in the news - Chocolate addiction

 Whilst shivering in the snow this week I came across a Metro article by Tracey Blake.  She explains that she had been to a hypnotherapist in Harley Street in order to conquer chocolate addiction and acheive  her goal size and weight.

 She explains how she had been using chocolate as a reward for having to get up at unearthly hours - for childcare - and to pep her up for staying alert for the rest of the day.

She says that as a result she had given up the morning chocolate and sugary snacks, and had lost four pounds in weight. She concludes that hypnotherapy can assist in unlocking willpower to acheive results.

Folks, let me explain, hypnotherapy is stronger than willpower. 

 Willpower can, and often is overruled by rationale - "Yes,but it tastes yummy", "Yes, but  I need it", "Yes, but one piece won't hurt". And good intentions can go out of the window.

Hypnotherapy is about getting deeper into the mind than either willpower or rationale. It is about putting messages into the subconscious mind that totally change the way we act and feel. And people can give up addictions. People can acheive the size and weight that they want.But it is far stronger than mere willpower.

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Matthew Hall, Master in Clinical Hypnosis


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