Hypnotherapy help for loss of Libido
6th July 2017
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 Today's Metro reports on a study for charity Relate that shows only one third of us are happy with our sex lives and one of the main reasons given is loss of interest.  The five main causes for low libido are given as -

Depression - low levels of serotonine and dopamine can lead to lack of desire

Stress - producing  cortisol and adenaline  - that may turn off  desire hormones

Alcohol and Drugs -  disrupting the balance of chemicals in the body

Porn - which may reduce motivation for real contact,

and Obesity -  which may lead to loss of energy.

 Now, whilst hypnotherapy does not intend to interrupt a clinical treatment for depression, it can do a lot to bring the sunshine back into someone's life. We can influence how the body produces endorphins, to help people feel great again.

 Hypnotherapy can have a great influence on stress levels and use up the fight or flight chemicals  in a healthy fashion.

 Hypnotherapy can end drug and alcohol addiction and need.

 Hypnotherapy can end porn addiction.

Hypnotherapy can tackle obesity problems.

 Hypnotherapy can be used to bring back the original desire and motivations that first attracted couples to each other.

Hypnotherapy is a valid treatment for loss of libido.

Matthew Hall, Master in Clinical Hypnosis


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