Hypnotherapist ends caffeine addiction -encouraging weight loss
23rd July 2016
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 The Daily Mail today tells the story of Lindsey Hives, a mother from Coventry, who had gone to a hypotherapist to lose weight. During the assessment it was discovered that she had been drinking five Red Bulls a day since her son was born eleven years ago.

 The Daily Mail makes a real hash of arithmetic - saying that this would have cost her £24,000 - unbelievable. But they go on with the story saying that the hypnotist quickly identified the Red Bull as the cause of weight problems.

The thing is - Red Bull has 114 calories a can - and if we add four more it is 570 calories. Since the healhy calorific intake for women is only 1940 a day, Lindsey had been using over  a quarter of this intake with Red Bull. Knock out all these calories and sugar from a daily diet and weight loss is sure to follow.

 Ths article also says that she would get headaches if she didn't drink the stuff. The thing is - that the effects of Red Bull will wear off over time, so you need more of it to get the same effect. The headaches may have been withdrawal symptoms.

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