28th May 2013
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The Duchess of Cambridge is reported to be considering hypnobirthing - Daily Express 28.5.2013

The recent report in the Daily Express highlights the popularity of the hypnobirthing technique - previously followed by celebrities Angelina Jolie and Jessica Albe.

 A hypnobirth uses hypnotherapy techniques to help reduce pain during labour, with the idea that women use specific breathing exercises and visualisation techniques at different stages of labour to relax the body - helping to combat pain and lessening the need for an epidural.

 As it was recently reported in our testimonials section, we are experienced here -

 " ...did his painless childbirth sessions with me - so I had a different experience. I was able to put myself into a deep hypnotic trance whilst I was in labour, and it passed quickly ...he put me totally at ease. .." Rosie M

 We welcome enquiries from those who want to share this painfree experience. www.effectivehypnosis.co.uk/home

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