How To Throw A Stress Free Christmas Party
18th November 2010
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Throwing a Christmas party always sounds like fun. That is until you are stressing over whether or not Mr Whoever from down the road is going to get on with Joe Blogs after that fight they had. What if your sister’s boyfriend isn’t going to fit in with your work friends? All this, and you’re only trying to plan the guest list! The stress levels just seem to increase as the day approaches and before you know it you’re running around, desperately trying to keep everyone happy and forgetting to take the party food out of the oven before it burns in the process. Suddenly “fun” feels a million miles away.


Wouldn’t it be so much easier if someone else could take on a bit of the load? What if on the day of your party all the food turned up on your doorstep, pre-cooked and ready to go? Whether it is your works Christmas do, or simply a get together with friends, Marie-Clare Cooks are able to meet all of your catering needs. Specialising in everything from Spanish, Indian, French and Portuguese cuisine, to home-cooked meals or light canapés, this Ealing based catering company are there to help.


Take the stress away this Christmas and call Marie-Clare Cooks on 0208 579 1561 to discuss your party must haves.


Or, if you are still intent on preparing your party nibbles the good old fashioned way, why not sign up to Marie-Clare Cooks mailing list and receive a “Recipe Of The Month”. Get inspired!


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