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27th May 2011
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The June 2010 edition of the 'Science' journal reports on research that has been carried out at Yale School of Medicine.


They have been looking at exactly how nicotine suppresses appetite. It stimulates a set of neurons - the POMC cells - in the hypothalymus (which governs the central nervous system ). These cells are tricked into thinking that the body is full and the need to eat disappears.


The point of the research is actually to hopefully develop drugs that will influence the hypothalymus in the same way. Of course, tests will then need

to be done to ensure that there are no side effects.


But there is already a means of influencing the way that the hypothalymus governs the bodily responses that is quite natural, and will have no side effects whatsoever. And this is through the wonderful trance state of

hypnosis. For help with stopping smoking and/or controlling your weight see Effective Hypnosis.

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