Hope For Sugar Addicts
19th December 2016
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Hope For Sugar Addicts?

The journal Personality and Individual Differences reports on research at the Universities of Warrick and Imperial College, London, into the possibility of using the drug Modafill for weight control.

Modafill is generally given to sufferers of narcolepsy,but the researchers were looking into using it for controlling impulsive behaviour. As it increases levels of the feel good chemical dopamine,could it be used to end food cravings?

The reasoning behind it seemed sound. Professor Vlaev said that a substantial number of people who are obese are, in fact, food addicts who can't control their impulsive behaviour. The results, too, seemed positive.

However, Modafill is speed. So a sugar addict may be swapping one addiction for another. In fact, taking Modafill for food addiction could be compared to taking morphine for a headache. It may work, but it may be a stupid thing to do.


Sugar has an influence on feel good brain chemicals dopamine and serotonin, but a dependence on it can lead to - needing more and more to get the same effect, fighting cravings by eating foods when not hungry, feeling sluggish and fatigued from overeating, both sugarhighs and lows, and withdrawal symptoms from not getting enough.


But an addiction to sugar can be cured quite naturally, with no side effects. A hypnotherapy program will be bespoke to your individual situation, tackle emotional eating, tackle cravings, tackle a sweet tooth,give guidance on healthy eating, and even install a hypnotic gastric band.

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