Hidden Cost of Smoking to Employers
4th June 2013
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The Hidden Cost of Smoking to Employers

 American research, published today in the Independent, calculates just how much more an employer (over there) spends on employing a smoker  per year - over the cost of employing a non smoker.

 This is calculated from the cost of cigarette breaks - £2,045; Extra health care costs - £1,367; time off work - £344; and lost productivity - £307.

 Some US firms have begun charging smokers higher premiums for employee health insurance. Some others have said that they will fire employees who do not quit smoking within a given time period.

Of course, over here, it would be illegal to discriminate against a smoker applying for a job, but when redundancies came around perhaps a smoker would be less favoured in the decision process. The insurance information is not so useful here either.

 What the researchers forgot to include was the cost of asthma attacks that take non smokers out of work, after suffering the effects of passive smoking.

 Just imagine how much smoking could cost if a smoker found themselves out of work as a result of their habit.

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