Holiday Stress
26th December 2012
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Holliday Stress

All of us get a little stressed at times. It can be useful, as it can provide the motivation to get something done. The Christmas Holiday period may  provide extra stresses in a variety of ways. Sometimes it's coping with multitasking over the cooking, sometimes it's putting up with people who can't handle their alcohol, sometimes it's just worrying about what the effect of overeating is going to do to your weight. Largely, most of these stresses are going to disappear, and things return to normal. But prolnged stresses may damage our systems.

The stress hormone, Cortisol, is produced when we get stressed. It helps with our response, to fight or flight. In primitive times it was very useful in preserving life from man-eating tigers and we will still react pretty quickly should we hear a car beeping, but modern day stresses like job deadlines, heavy traffic, and squabbling kids may lead to elevated cortisol over long periods of time.

 Whilst a quick burst of energy and heightened memory functions may be useful, the side effects of higher levels leading to -

 Impaired Cognitive Performance,

 Suppressed Thyroid Function, Blood Sugar Imbalances,

Higher Blood Pressure,

 Lowered Immunity, and

 Increased Abdominal Fat.

  Learning to relax our bodies through self hypnosis or meditation is not some trendy, new age fad. It helps us to preserve life and avoid harmful effects.

 See Effective Hypnosis for details.

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