Green Fingers Can Add Value to your Home
6th May 2010
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On any given day when the sun is shining, the population of Britain will fill every available green space to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.  In fact, Britain is a nation so entranced by gardening that we spent more than £5 billion on our gardens last year. 


So why not try and get some return for that rather colossal investment?  With so many Brits enjoying green space, even a small outdoor area can be a big selling point when selling or letting a property.  Any amount of outdoor space from a modest balcony to rolling acres can add up to 20% to the value of your property.


Begin by making the very best of what you have.  One major trend is to create a look that gives your garden the look of an outdoor room, thereby extending the living area of your home.  Doors leading from the kitchen or reception area, colours that transition from the indoor area to the outdoor area and use of comfortable garden furniture are all ways of achieving that goal.


When designing the garden think about who the intended buyer or tenant may be.  If the future occupant is likely to be an urban professional then a low maintenance garden with a paved courtyard style garden might be best, but for a family property a lawned area where children can play might be better.

Add a dash of colour to the garden with seasonal plants so that the garden looks great no matter what the season.  Use potted plants or window boxes to brighten up patio gardens or balconies.

Although the rear garden may be the most used outdoor space where football matches will be played and where the BBQ will be fired up, don’t forget that the front garden makes a first impression on prospective buyers and tenants.  Make sure that the front garden is not cluttered and looks very tidy.  Freshly paint your front door and think about adding some potted plants to introduce a spot of seasonal colour to greet people as they walk in the front door for a viewing.

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