Glotech survey on adults dieting in the UK
30th July 2016
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 The Daily Express reports this week on a Glotech survey of 2000 people, in the UK, who have tried diet plans. They say that 61%of British Adults are overweight and that about one third are on dietry plans of some kind. That means about 17 million people. However, most of them give up their plans after about four months, having become disillusioned with the results, or lack of them.

 It could, of course, be argued that diets don't work because they only focus on food restriction - when a proper weight loss attempt needs a strategy, taking into account nutrition, exercise, stress, hunger, habits and reasonable goal setting.

 If we reject the diet mentality - throwing out diet books and magazines that offer false hope of losing weight quickly, easily and permanently - at least we lose the feeling of failure when it doesn't work.

 If we can build a program of weight management that will teach stress responses that free you from emotional eating we will acheive something long lasting.

* Anxiety is not hunger, we can find another response than eating.

* Loneliness is not hunger...

* Boredom is not hunger ...

* Anger is not hunger ...

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