Gambling Addiction
27th January 2013
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Gambling Addiction

 The Independent on Sunday run an article today ( 27.1. 2013 ) on  online gambling. This follows a BBC Panorama investigation in November regarding people getting addicted to Fixed Odds Betting Terminals in betting shops.

 The betting shops predict that nine million people will bet in 2013. Whilst to most it will be a harmless flutter, the investigation quoted a 2010 survey that suggested that there are 450,000 problem gamblers in the UK. They showed that the unregulated rise of FOBTs - roulette machines - in bookies, allowed punters to gamble away vast amounts of money every fifteen seconds. As the main activity of betting shops was seen by government as revolving around horse racing, a need to regulate FOBT wasn't seen as important by law makers. The Panorama programme called this addiction " The Crack Cocaine of Gambling ".

 Whilst the main users of betting shops are seen to be men - perhaps because of fear of social stigma - more women are happy to gamble online. As a result women are getting addicted to gambling.

 Hypnotherapy can provide an alternative to the rush that gamblers get whilst betting. It can also alter people's thinking. If there is a feeling of revulsion following losing money, then we can bring up that feeling to come when they think of betting. Whilst it won't offer the chance to gamble your savings for the chance of an escape from poverty, you will save what you might have bet. Escaping from Gambling may help in other ways too - saving a job, saving  a relationship, saving a home.

 We have expertise in stopping addictions.  See  for details.

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