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29th July 2017
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 The Times this week ran an article on Henrietta Bowden-Jones, cosultant psychiatrist at the only NHS National Problem Gambling Clinic. In the article Bowden-Jones explains the toll on familly life that results from problem gambling; - famillies lose their homes, children have to move schools repeatedly and have their pocket money stolen; - and the problems are greater now than when the clinic set up in 2008 - due to the rise of online and telephone gambling.

 She gives an estimate of 300,000 pathological gamblers in Britain and several examples are given of the people she treats. The methods of treatment are given as  cognitive behavioural therapy, counselling, and naltrexone - a drug that suppresses cravings, and is often given to alcoholics and heroin addicts.

 However, marvelous as it is, the clinic can only treat 900 people a year. It will take 333 years to treat the 300,000 British addicts.

 As an alternative, Effective Hypnosis, in Ealing W5 2RS and Hillingdon UB10 0PS, uses Thought Field Therapy to end cravings, Neuro Linguistic Programming to end the compulsion to gamble, and Hypnotherapy to convince the subconscious mind that they neither need or want to continue. Do have a look at our 300, or so, testimonials on this site for evidence of satisfied customers.

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