Free Hypnosis Program
6th July 2016
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Free Hypnosis Program

 Paul McKenna's "I can make you thin" is serialised in The Mail on Sunday (4.7.16) and the Daily Mail this week. They offer a free copy of his video pogram to those readers that fulfil the criteria.

 In the opening article Paul makes the claim that between 50 - 80% of faddy diets and weight loss clubs end up making people fatter than they were in the first place. But, he says, one in seven who follow his program lose weight permanently.

 Examining these figures carefully, it means that between 20 and 50% of these clubs don't make people fatter; and, as one in seven is only 14% - 86% of those that follow Paul's program don't lose weight permanently.

 As the Daily Mail offers this program for free this week, no one would quibble at trying something that has only a 14% chance of permanent success. If you are buying the program you might want to have more of a chance. 

  Generalised recordings are aimed at people in general, and won't deal with the individual. A hypnotherapy program with a therapist, however, should be bespoke to that person, and because of this, success is that much easier.

 By all means, have a go  at the free program that the Mail offers, but if you want an effective, bespoke service, see a hypnotherapist.

 Do have a look at our page here, and at some of the testimonials to our work. Effective Hypnosis was voted Business of The Year in Ealing 2016 by satisfied customers. We are local to Ealing and Hillingdon.

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