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27th December 2013
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 International hypnotherapist Johnathon Royale is staging a free hypnotherapy online session on Saturday 4th January. This can be accessed through . Click on this site to register.

 This is part of an experiment in creating the largest hypnosis event in the world - to celebrate World Hypnosis Day on January 4th. It will be a marvelous introduction to hypnosis.

 For those of you who can't wait until then, and want more immediate help - with stopping smoking, drug and alcohol use, weight control and the hypnotic gastric band, overcoming fears and phobias -  have a look at the hypnotherapy page on The Best Of Ealing, or


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The state of hypnosis is very like the state between waking and sleeping. There are various methods of getting you to this state. But once you are there - you are highly suggestible to positive suggestions....

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