Free Cookery Classes And Personal Trainers For The Obese
16th September 2017
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 The Times tells us that obesity is the world's fastest-growing health risk, with one in five deaths due to poor diet.

NICE has proposed that everyone over the age of 40 should have blood tests, to determine whether unhealthy eating has damaged their metabolism. They want obese people sent on healthy living programs - at a cost of £435 to the taxpayer - to teach healthy recipes, the importance of fruit and vegetables, and sensible portion sizes. Personal trainers will design activity programs for them.

NICE says the cost will save that NHS money in the long term, as they will not have to give these people obesity related treatments. If they have got their sums right, this should benefit us all-  in saving our tax - and those that have lost weight will benefit through feeling better, enjoying life more and having more self respect.

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