Foxing the foxes
20th September 2010
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Unwelcome guests urban foxes have become an increasingly common sight in Ealing, but it doesn’t have to stay that way.

As foxes are not officially regarded as posing danger to the health of the public, Ealing’s Council pest control does not possess the authority to take any action against intruding foxes.

The council has, however, offered some advice to avoid any mess problems that foxes can cause…

  • Make sure you have a dustbin with a secure lid
  • Use strong smelling repellents
  • If you find a den in your garden use a commercial repellent to discourage any foxes from returning, and once it has been vacated block the entrance with soil. You should not trap foxes inside their den. It is illegal to do so.
  • Dissuade foxes from using your garden as a thoroughfare by spreading repellent at any points where they may gain access.

Another option is to call in a private pest control company for advice.

Don't be tempted to lay poison or put poisoned food for foxes. To do so puts other people and wildlife at risk. Moreover, the penalties for doing so are considerable and include fines of around £20,000 and/or a possible jail sentence.

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