Flowers for Valentine's Day
11th February 2011
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It's Valentine's Day and all girls love flowers.  But please make it a stylish offering.  What are you saying to your loved one if you get the flowers in the local supermarket or garage forecourt? 

The answer is not a lot of effort went into this. 

Will it be appreciated and make them feel special  - Highly Unlikely.

Everyone likes a happy home life or the cahnce to make a big impression on a loved one or a potential loved one.  Don't be lazy, mean or just plain lazy get some really good flowers.

Our favourite flower shop in Ealing is The Cracked Pot in Northfields.  Louise and her team will make you a stylish bouquet, a beautiful bunch of spring flowers or your own special offering.  It won't cost the earth and they will even deliver it for you.

So hop down to Northfields Avenue (plently of parking closeby) and make your loved one very happy.  If you can't make it to the shop call her on  0208 579 1118 or email her at  Her email address is

So make it a stylish Valentine's Day she is worth it!!

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