Fifty Thousand Free Gastric Band Ops a Year?
13th May 2016
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Fifty Thousand Free Gastric Band Ops aYear?

 The British Medical Association has called for 50,000 free gastric band operations a year to be given to the most obese, in order to show that something is being done to cut down on obesity.

 There was some disquiet about how the most obese were going to feel about being labelled. The solution that the BMA came up with was to give it a new name - such as ' anti - diabetic surgery' ,but this is still going to carry a stigma.

  However, this is not going to do that much to tackle obesity, unless people change their attitudes. Even if people do have the operation, their food psychology may not have changed, and the problems will therefore continue.

 Hypnotherapy for weight loss, with Effective Hypnosis, includes the Hypnotic Gastric Band, controlling sugar addiction, and food psychology. We are very sucessful at what we do - see our testimonials - and offer a pain free, totally natural service.

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