Fear of Public Speaking
17th June 2013
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 Fear of Public Speaking

A survey on fear of public speaking was commissioned to mark the launch of Lincoln on DVD. They questioned 2, 000 people. This is reported in the Metro.

 They listed the top ten excuses given to get out of public speaking; -

1 I've got a sore throat

2 I speak too quietly

3 I'm not qualified enough

4 I've lost my voice

5 I've got a toothache

6 I'm going to be late

7 I've got a stammer

8 My partner is ill

9 My car has broken down

10 My child is ill

 These may or may not be genuine excuses. But what if someone's livelihood depended on being a success at public speaking?

 Effective Hypnosis has helped many people to get over their fears. This has helped with job interviews, stagework, media presentations, and business networking. See www.effectivehypnosis.co.uk/home for details.



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