Father's Day Resolutions
15th June 2013
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Father's Day Resolutions

Weightwatchers has commissioned a survey on the motivations for new fathers to lose weight.

38% said that they owe it to their children to lose weight, in order to avoid heart disease.

£37% said that they wanted to lose weight in order to be fit enough to play with their children.

31% said that they wanted to lose weight in order to set a good example.

 11% said that they wanted to lose weight in order to compete with other fathers at the school gates.

 Losing weight will give people so much more energy to have quality time with children, and result in them feeling happier and more positive. New parents have changed their lives forever, as a whole new life relies on them to be there.

 Effective Hypnosis would like to wish the best to fathers who make resolutions to lose weight for their children. Weightwatchers may work for you. But if you don't succeed with these groups, then www.effectivehypnosis.co.uk/home may provide the answer. We are experts in this field, and are proud of our success.












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