Fat Chance
6th January 2013
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Fat Chance

 Robert Listig, professor at The University of california, has published a book entitled ' Fat Chance ', suggesting a new look at weight gain.

 In the book he suggests that the brain is misled by too much sugar into not registering when it is full. The subsequent messages sent out to the body are to increase energy storage - instigating cravings for high fat sugery foods.

 In order to counter this he suggests cutting sugar in recipes by a third; having just one desert a week; adding more fibre to the diet; eating less processed food; taking fifteen minutes exercise daily; and stopping eating on your feet.

 Of course, hypnotherapy can play an important role. Through hypnotherapy we can alter the messages sent out from the brain - encouraging a speeding up of the metabolism, and halting cravings for high fat food. We have expertise in weight control. See www.effectivehypnosis.co.uk/home for details.

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