Exam Stress
10th June 2016
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Exam Stress

 It is the time of year when exams are at the front of people's minds. Whilst some might comment that keeping oneself physically fit is the best way to keep the brain ticking over at maximum efficiency, others are turning to drugs to stimulate their minds.

The Independent reports that many are  turning to banned drugs - such as Noopept, which claims to stimulate cognitive function and boost memory. The Home Office warns that there are possible side effects of cardiovascular problems and psychosis.

 Others may use cannabis to calm exam nerves. There are worries about psychosis here, too. Smoking goes up in exam season as well.

 Effective Hypnosis can help people to cope with exam nerves,  and acheive memory boosting, as well as fixing it so that drugs aren't wanted or needed. Smoking Cessation is our number one subject.

 Have a look at our page here,and/or our website www.effectivehypnosis.co.uk and see if we can fix it for you.

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