Emotional Eating
21st June 2015
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Emotional Eating

 The Mail on Sunday includes a feature on a book about the causes of emotional eating - Seven Simple Steps To Stop Emotional Eating by Sally Baker and Liz Hogon.

  Of course, break ups, money worries, and stress at work can all trigger emotional eating - but the real issues, it claims, are more deep rooted.

 The topics covered are as follows -

 An emotionally absent mother, Strict parenting,The quest for the perfect figure, A life changing obstacle, Your stomach isn't empty, You can't stand wasting food, and Chaotic meal times.

 To some, these topics might seem an excuse for having an overweight body. Also, even if people do recognise these cause of emotional eating,is readimg a book going to offer solutions?

Effective Hypnosis is happy to tackle emotional eating problems, and has a good track record of success - see our testimonials.

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