Emotional Eating
27th April 2019
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The Daily Mail runs an article this week promoting the practice of a  Harley street hypnotherapist, who gives advice on self hypnosis techniques.

 The core of the advice given is that emotional eating is rooted in the early years - before we reach the age of seven - we need to control the learned behaviours that we adopted as children, of using the foods that comforted us then.

 Many of the comments online have said that this is rubbish, and that it is only a lack of willpower that leads towards the bad foods that turn on the pleasure recepters in the brain - to make them feel good.

 What these commentators don't see is that hypnotherapy aims for  a stronger part of the brain than that which contains willpower - hyppnotherapy can  implant suggestions into the inner mind - bypassing willpower. This enables innate feel good chemicals to replace the dopamine resources that have been burnt out by stress. So that we feel good, and can accept the positive suggestions on controlling sugar addictions and eating nutritious foods.

 At Effective Hypnosis - practicing in Ealing W5 2RS and Hillingdon UB10 0PS - we use tapping techniques, to take away cravings, before we even start on the positive hypnotherapy - do see our website www.effectivehypnosis.co.uk and the hundreds of testimonials on www.thebestof.co.uk/local/ealing

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