Dry January
29th December 2018
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 Today's Daily Mail reports on a University of Sussex study on those who had taken part in the 2018 Dry January - the annual challenge to give up alcohol for 31 days.  They were presented with three surveys, over a period of eight months, and the study reports these benefits - 

93% had a sense of achievement

88% saved money

82% thought more deeply about their relationship with alcohol

80% felt more in control of their drinking

76% learned more about when and why they drank

71% realised they didn't need a drink to enjoy themselves

71% slept better

70% had generally improved health

67% had more energy

58% lost weight

57% had better conce3ntration


54% had better skin

 According to a Youguv report - 10% of those who drink are going to try Dry January 2019.


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