Don't be downhearted about New Year's weight plans
14th January 2017
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 ITV's Save Money - Good Health on January 5th looked at resolutions and their results.

 42% of those that resolved to eat better for New Year had stopped after two weeks - but 45% of those that start on January 15th keep going for longer than six weeks.

 Then they looked at value for money in diet plans in  terms of cost and results in those that sampled them; -

Juicing Diet

 Cost £299 per month, weight lost 17lbs

 Shakes, bars and protein controlled meal diet

Cost £336 per month, weight lost 23lbs

Paleo diet

Cost £435 per month,  weight lost 13lbs

Lean 15

Cost £647 per month, weight lost 15lbs

Precooked delivery meals

Cost £345 per month, weight lost 13lbs

5 and 2 diet

Cost £468 per month, weight lost 17lbs

 In comparison - a six week weight control program with Effective Hypnosis can cost as little as £200 total, and is often a lot better - see our testimonials on .

With weight loss hypnosis you get to regain control over food, visualise yourself as slim, healthy, confident and with the hypnotic gastric band, are helped to reach your desired weight.

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