Does your vehicle comply with new Lower Emission Zone requirements?
21st July 2011
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Do you have a vehicle registered before 1st January 2002?

Whether it's a trusty runaround, a commercial van or a classic car of byegone days you will need to get an approved filter fitted before 3rd January 2012 to comply with Low Emission Zone (LEZ) standard requirements.

Local garage Dominion Auto Services is urging people to think ahead and get the filter fitted by a Transport for London approved and certified fitter (which they are) well in advance of the deadline.

Harry adds "It's particularly important for owners of commercial vehicles to get organised. They have probably spent quite a lot on specialist vehicles with refrigeration or similar non-standard outfitting so getting the filter fitted is a no brainer - buying a new vehicle is prohibitively expensive for many businesses in the current climate."

The low emission zone covers the whole of the London area and is in operation 24/7 (see map of LEZ area). Hefty fines (£250 to £1000) can be incurred by vehicles that contravene the LEZ. For further details on the LEZ check the Transport for London site.

To get your filter fitted - and with it the appropriate certification - contact Dominion Auto Services now on 0203 284 8013.

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