Does Smoking Make You Fat?
5th April 2014
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Does Smoking Make You Fat?

Many people believe that smoking acts as an appetite suppressent and that they control their weight through smoking. But research from America has suggested that,  for obese women, smoking may  make things worse.

 Researchers, from Washington School of Medicine,and The Monell Centre, in Philadelphia, have tested the taste reactions of obese women to sweet things and found that they can't properly detect fat and sugar. They conclude that obese women smokers are more likely to indulge in eating high calory foods. Therefore, they claim, smoking can encourage obese women to get fatter.

However, it may not be that simple. If  you are an overweight smoker you are not condemned to that situation for life. You can quit at any stage of life and reap the benefits almost immediately.

Smoking does dull the taste senses, and people who quit are far more likely to replace the habit with another, once they have got their tastes senses back again. So it is good to have a plan.

 Effective Hypnosis puts a plan into our therapy - to help people who stop smoking with us to maintain a  healthy weight  - once they have made a decision to live the healthy life of a non-smoker.

 Of course, we have an excellent weight loss program too.

 Effetive Hypnosis is available in Ealing and Hillingdon.

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