Does being told you are overweight make you binge more?
6th September 2015
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Does being told you are overweight make you binge more?

Does being overweight lead to more binging?

 The Mail on Sunday reports, on 6.9.15, that a recent study in the Journal of Obesity suggests that worrying about being overweight prompts people to eat more.

 If people are stressed about being overweight, then for some, the solution is to eat. This may lead to a short term boost in feelgood chemicals, such as GABA, dopamine, and serotonin – but cause crashes later – leading to cycles of dependence and craving. It may be that a visit to the doctor  -where you are told that you are overweight - will cause more problems than ever.

  One of the marvellous things about the hypnotherapy approach is that we don’t start with lecturing people about being fat – we start by telling people that they can lose weight. We hypnotise them and convince their subconscious mind that they have had a virtual gastric band fitted – leading them to take on restricted food intake. We tackle stress and cravings and boost metabolism too. We also teach people how to release internal feelgood chemicals without sugar intake. See our testimonials for examples of how people have thrown away oversized clothing after our six week program.

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