Do Antidepressants work?
4th March 2018
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 It has recently been made public in the news that antidepressants actually work. The newspapers picked up the report from The Lancet's publication of an Oxford University study of over 500 trials - of use of placebos compared to use of prescribed antidepressants in treating depression.  They concluded that drugs do work in helping most people with depression, by lifting their moods. Around 60% of people respond by two months, with about 50% reduction in symptoms. They also reported that talking therapies work equally well for moderate to severe depression.

It does seem odd that this is news. Some antidepressants have been in use since the 1950's, and it seems a little late to be reporting on trials. But, as John Naish points out, in the Daily Mail, this research was funded by the phamaceutical companies, in order to encourage more  prescriptions.

 The Mail points out that studies only looked at the response over a period of two months, which does not fulfil the requirements of NICE as a clinical study.

 The debate is about whether or not symptoms of depression are merely about clinical imbalance, or lots of problems triggered by a variety of causes. If it is purely clinical imbalance then drugs may help. But if psychological support is needed - then can GPs surgeries afford it?

 There have been lots of comments posted by the public to newspaper reports on how the authors have responded - both positively and negatively to antidepressants.

 As to the effectiveness of talking therapies -

 Hypnotherapy aims to treat the causes rather than just the symptoms. A hypnotherapist realises that the cause may be reaction to a traumatic event - and can use many techniques to change a clients perception. We can deal with unfinished business and release stored sorrow or anger. Hypnotherapy teaches techniques to improve mood and motivate people to build self esteem.

 We don't want anyone to throw away their medication, but we do provide a valid alternative.

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