Did you make any resolutions for 2014?
14th January 2014
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Re-gifting has been in the news a lot (also known as passing on unwanted Christmas presents) but it always seems rather ungrateful to me, although I’m not averse to finding a bottle of wine, chocolates or toiletries I’ve been given when asked for a donation for the raffle, tombola etc at school many months down the line when I’ve forgotten who they came from!

Many people make New Year’s resolutions that relate primarily to themselves but these are actions good for the environment that you can opt into at any time in the year ahead:

Refuse (for example a plastic shopping bag – keep one in your handbag)

Reuse (if you can’t use them yourself then hand onto someone else or a charity shop e.g. children’s clothes, books)

Recycle (check what can go into your green bins – there’s a lot more than you think http://www.ealing.gov.uk/info/200502/recycling_collections/280/green_box_recycling )

If seeing the giant recycling Christmas tree outside Ealing Town Hall got you thinking about what you can recycle and you’re planning some house improvements or de-cluttering then you’ll also be interested in the new re-use collection service Ealing Council is running together with London Re-use Network. Items which can be collected include beds, sofas, fridges, washing machines, tables, chairs, computers, televisions and bicycles. Everything needs to be in a good, clean and resusable condition. Collections cost £20 for 1-8 items and £25 per fridge or freezer. The service will provide affordable furniture and household items to people less fortunate. To book a collection online or find out about other options check out www.ealing.gov.uk/recycling

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