Dangers of E Cigarettes
14th February 2016
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Danger of E Cigarettes

 An article in The Independent this week warned that                                                                                     “Smoking E Cigarettes When Pregnant Puts Unborn Babies At Risk”

 They were reporting on a presentation given by Judith Zelikoff, of New York University, to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, in Washington. The presentation showed that, through experimentation with mice – exposure to E Cigarette vapour raises the risk of learning difficulties in unborn babies. After birth there may be difficulties in the babies coordination, memory, and learning skills later in life – learning difficulties or ADHD.

 The dangers of E Cigarettes were looked into by Public Health England, who published their results in August 2015, stating that vaping E Cigarettes was 95% less dangerous than actual smoking.

 However, the British Fertility Society has responded to the Judith Zelikoff research by saying that it may be best for women to avoid all kinds of smoking during their pregnancy.

 Now, it may be true that taking a substance with about 40 chemicals  may be significantly less dangerous than taking over 4000 chemicals into your body with every hit. But if those chemicals include dangers then the risks should  still be highlighted. Notably, there are still carcinogens present - Chromium, Formaldehyde, and N-Nitrososornicotine. There are chemicals that damage the liver and kidneys – Acetone, and Phenol. But it is Diethylene Glycol, that is used in antifreeze, that is known to cause reproductive and fetal effects – that is probably the greatest concern.

 However, please don’t think that I am knocking Nicotine Replacement Products. They have been known to help people in giving up smoking.  By gradually reducing the amount of vapour one takes someone can give up their addiction completely.

 That is, if the addiction is purely a physical one. If the addiction is a psychological one, then it may be harder to stop. The associations of when you smoke, who you smoke with, where you smoke, what triggers you to smoke, and why you started in the first place are not going to be addressed by NRT.

Hypnotherapy aims to nip the smoking habit in the bud, by addressing all of these psychological issues and convincing the subconscious mind that you don’t need to smoke. It works, partly through time distortion, taking you into the person of the future - who has already conquered the smoking habit - and is now living a more healthy, more prosperous and more vigourous life. And if hypnotherapists can help with the natural development of unborn babies too, then they should be commended.

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