Dangers in Dieting
7th December 2012
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Dangers in Dieting

In November 2012 researchers at University Campus Suffolk idetified between four and five hundred 'pro ana' websites promoting starvation. The sites claim that most young women can attain the bodies of supermodels. Researchers are extremely worried about the unhealthy messages that these sites are promoting - excessive dieting and eating disorders - which are slowly killing them. They not only promote the anorexic life, but also tell people to rely on excessive use of smoking and high energy drinks, which carry their own health risks.

 Dr Emma Bond, lead researcher, and senior lecture in Childhood and Youth Studies, suggests that there should be regulation of the internet to protect young women.

 Of course hypnotherapy can help to wean people off smoking and high energy drinks and encourage them to eat a healthy diet. It can even encourage those that have suffered from anorexia to eat healthier again. But often the bodies of those that have had anorexia are damaged, and repair may be impossible or  very difficult to acheive. The healing power of the immune system may come to life under hypnosis but it is better not to go there in the first place.

 Do be very careful if you are tempted by these sites. The body of a supermodel is really a freak of nature and not something that everyone can have. See Effective hypnosis for help

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