Counting the cost of insurance?
30th November 2011
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Insurance always seems expensive - until you need it.

  • A neighbour was able to get an operation done sooner when it suited her family and work because she had private health insurance.
  • Many a family has been glad of mortgage protection insurance when someone is made redundant or suffers a long-term illness.
  • Funeral costs continue to rise and elderly relatives are glad they had the foresight to take out life insurance to cover these expenses.
  • A friend had entrusted her partner to sort out pet insurance for the new family member but her dog was involved in an accident whilst still a puppy and as it hadn't been done the vet's fees amounted to thousands of pounds.

Want to have a chat with someone to find suitable cover for you and your family?

Independent financial advisor Steven Groves of Affinity Financial Advisors can advise on Life Insurance and related investments.

Helen Simons of SJS Healthcare Associates specialises in health insurance, travel insurance, dental insurance, life cover, critical illness cover, key man insurance and income protection policies and advises both private and corporate clients.

It's worth assessing the costs before something too costly happens and you wish you'd sorted the insurance out.

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