Costs Of Fatigue
15th June 2013
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Costs of fatigue

 This week the media reported on the industrial tribunal of a German Banker who had fallen asleep across his keyboard. Instead of transferring regular pension payment of 62.40 Euros to an account left his finger on 2, which would have put  put over two million euros into it.

His employees spotted the mistake before paying this. But what would have the result have been if he had been piloting an aeroplane or a juggernaut and caused a crash? What if he had fallen asleep whilst performing medical surgery?

 Of course, these examples are about endangering life. But there are medical concerns about suffering from poor sleep - hypertension, depression, diabetes, obesity and a compromised immune system. Whilst chronic fatigue will only be diagnosed, if at all, after six months of symptoms, there is still prejudice regarding it.  if you are concerned, see  for the latest research.

 The benefits of imroving sleep through hypnotherapy can beimproved health,  more energy, a stronger immune system, better moods and emotions, See  for details.

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