Cost of Smoking to Rise Again?
5th August 2018
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 The Sun tells us, on 3rd August, that researchers from the University of Bath have suggested that the amount of tax charged on smoking is not enough to stop people from smoking. They point out that, whenever the price of smoking goes up, smokers sacrifice other things in order to keep smoking. But if the price of smoking 20 cigarettes were to be increased from £10  to £20 by 2020, the researchers think, - it would make a real impact. £20 a day would lead to an annual cost of over £7000.

  They tell us that Australia has increased the smoking tax to £20 a pack. However, the Sun does not tell us if this made any impact. Also, the minimum wage is £15 an hour in Australia but nothing like that here.

 Of course, price does have  an impact on people deciding to stop. But Effective Hypnosis finds that Health is the number one concern when people present themselves for Smoking Cessation. Do have a look at our website  and at the 300+ testimonials on and consider our service in Ealing W5 2RS and Hillingdon UB10 0PS.

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